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It seems Facebook has finally enabled their Places service in Finland. Facebook members are now able to check-in to different venues using the mobile apps. The feature could be significant for a few different reasons. This enables companies to offer deals for customers, a somewhat similar approach announced by a Finnish startup Dealium last week. There was no bigger announcement of this on Facebook’s side which isn’t surprising at all as they roll out new features in the US and slowly expand these to other countries.

The service works in such a way that once you click on the Places icon inside the mobile app, you’re able to see all your friends and where they checked in the last. Very similar to foursquare. You’re also able to check in yourself to existing venues or add new ones.

We’ve also received confirmations that the service went live in Estonia a week ago. One user we talked to, is able to see all the information through the places feature, but they themselves aren’t able to check in or add any new places. Furthermore, we’ve seen a few check-ins from Sweden, but its unclear if the service is widely available to the public or are these individual hackers who’ve managed to find a way to use it.

Nevertheless, the coming months will spell out what the feature will mean for startups like Dealium on their potential for business and growth.

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