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Facebook Or Google To Buy Skype

facebook-skypeWhat is Skype worth? Financially speaking we will not be able to put the exact amount on record but it is worthy enough to have both Facebook and Google seriously thinking about buying the video calling service after it delayed filing for the IPO. If this by any means has any truth to it, the deal can be valued at a healthy $3 to $4 billion as Reuters reports.

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According to the unconfirmed news both Google and Facebook are interested in acquiring Skype. However, according to a reliable source that reported to Reuters, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is involved in discussions to buy Skype. The deal would be a logical extention of the existing integration between the two services. As Mashable pointed out, Skype’s newest version includes a Facebook tab that lets users access their account and chat with their Facebook connections through Skype.

Another unnamed source shared that Google has also held early talks for a joint venture with Skype. Given that Google has successfully ventured into online telephony, cooperating or buying Skype would guarantee its dominance in that market.

Skype filed a registration to go public already last August. Though filing for IPO got delayed so far, Reuters reports that it ‘is still in the cards for the second half of 2011’. The IPO was valued at about $1 billion.

Whatever happens in the end, it is clear that Skype is in a great strategic position right now. There are benefits and pitfalls in all three options but there is no doubt that something big will happen to Skype very soon.

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