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Eylean Helps Universites And Weapons Manufacturers With Agile Project Management

Before we dig into features, we’ll quickly start with Lithuania-based project management software Eyelean’s backstory, because it’s pretty impressive what they’ve done with four employees. The company started to sell Eylean 2 years ago, but the first version of the software was created it 3-4 years ago. The story goes that the company built it for themselves because they couldn’t find anything that fit their needs on the market and after using it for their own work, some people saw it and suggested they try to sell it.

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Now it seems they’ve had plenty of success – they have customers ranging from universities in New Zealand, to IF, Velux, Bupa, L-3 TRL or First Solar, and some weapons manufacturers.

The big reason they’ve been able to snag these large corporate clients, for example, is because currently Eylean isn’t running up in the cloud. Instead it’s a downloadable client that their customers run themselves – which is fairly important to some organizations.

We’ve covered a few web-based project management startups in the last months, but Lithuania-based Eylean looks worth checking out if you’re into agile project management, and you need a your tools running in a native app.

Their project management concept is broken down into collumns, such as work to be started, work in progress, and output – or whatever columns you want. The goal is to then input tasks (and their subtasks) onto cards, and then move them from the left column to the right as you progress, allowing managers to keep their eye on what’s going on, as well as helping everyone break down tasks.

The software also allows you to drag your card up to the clock symbol in the right, making it easy to measure the time it took to complete a task.

Eyelean then allows you to compile burn-down charts for agile users, as well as other reporting features. Vitaitė tells us there is no real limits to the size of companies that should use Eylean, because you can create as many team members or workspaces as you would like.

Kamilė Vitaitė of Eyelean tells us that now they are improving the product to include more than only agile project management – but features for a more rounded project management tool.

Web-based solutions are nice, but sometimes I appreciate separate applications for things you need to have open all the time. Take a look at Evernote and Skype, for example. They could be completely web-based solutions, but I wouldn’t want them to be only in my browser – it’s too much of a hassle to keep tabs open.

They have a few things coming up in the future. The tool will continue to stay offline, but they’ve also gotten a lot of requests for a cloud-based service, which they plan to implement, as well as creating a Mac client. Pricing runs €8.33 per user, per month.

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