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ExponoExpono is a Norwegian company, working in the field of photo sharing. This is an industry that hasn’t had too many newcomers since Flickr has gained ground among the early adopters. Expono, however, has some very neat features compared to Flickr as well as some short comings too. Nevertheless, it is a service worth giving a try. The service is being built by a small five team combo in Oslo, Norway. The company was founded already back in 2007.

Despite lacking the social success of flickr (meaning the size of the community flickr has), Expono has some very cool features that other services could learn from. One that grabbed my attention was the portable privacy tools. This of course is something that has been talked a lot regarding Facebook (where the Terms of Service had to be re-written regarding the public uprising, that was partly started by photos). With Expono, you are able to retain all your rights even if you share your photos to Facebook, twitter or even Friendfeed.

Some other features of the service that really are to my liking is the possibility to download all your photos from the service. This is especially handy, when you have been to a party or something with a big group of people. Why on earth should you and your friends look for a file sharing service when a photo sharing service should do just the same for photos? Well, Expono does do just that.

There is a ton of other features listed on the site as well. Nevertheless, I can’t help to note the cost of using the service. The service follows a freemium model where you have the possibility to use it for free and for a relatively hefty sum of 49 USD with added features for one year. If you’re satisfied with 1GB of storage with 100 MB of monthly uploads, then this is your choice. If you want to have some better performance, like I think many would, you will have to pay up 49 USD for unlimited storage and 5GB of monthly uploads. I have to say it out loud, but as far as we have come in the information age – I think the restrictions should be a lot more lax. After all, you’re able to get a lot of server space for that kind of sums (of course you have other costs as well, but still). If flickr is less than 49 USD for 2 years, Expono will definitely out price themselves in the consumer’s mind if they stick to their prices.