Everyplay's game recordings driving 7.5% of their indie game installs

    Applifier has just released some stats of their Everyplay mobile game video replay platform, announcing that they’ve been driving 7.5% of game installs for the indie games that have plugged into the Everyplay network.

    The Everyplay platform is one part recording service – like a program you would use on your computer to grab video of your screen so you can show your friends gameplay walkthroughs or awesome in-game moments, but built into an iOS game. Accessing Everyplay on these indie games also plugs you into the greater Everyplay network accessed in-game where you can share videos with your friends and see moments from other games.

    Everyplay is free for developers to plug into and for users to use. The platform then makes its money by selling ads when users access the Everyplay network, by allowing developers to promote videos to the Everyplay audience, and by providing easy access for deveopers to take advantage of the Applifier Impact advertising network.

    To date, Everyplay has over 230 games using its service from developers you might recognize like Nimblebit, Secret Exit, SkyVu, Limbic, Fingersoft, Rovio, Dreamworks, Chillingo, Ubisoft and Grand Cru. A full list of the games they plug into can be found here.

    “Replay sharing is a perfect fit for Stair Dismount and it has driven 7.5% of all daily installs for Stair Dismount in the last five months. That’s a lot,” Said Jani Kahrama, CEO of Secret Exit, the makers of Stair Dismount.

    “We are seeing install rates similar to the success of Stair Dismount across the board. Players are really into sharing game replays and everyone loves discovering new games their friends are playing,” said Jussi Laakkonen, CEO and founder of Applifier. “We’ve now proven our Everyplay model with concrete results that replay sharing drives mobile game installs at scale.”

    On the player side, Everyplay counts four million monthly active users who have shared 1.5 million replays since the platform launched in August of 2012. I’ve long wondered why Finnish startups aren’t creating large social products (aside from games) but clearly Everyplay is a big and growing exception to that rule.

    The company says that the most popular replays are garnering hundreds of thousands of views, which isn’t bad if you’re a mobile game developer. You can browse all of their mobile replays on the web to get an idea of what people are sharing.

    Applifier is backed by Lifeline Ventures, MHS Capital, PROfounders Capital, Tekes, Webb Investment Network and angel investors, and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and in San Francisco