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Everplaces is a new way to curate and save the favorite places you visit (or want to visit). The service is launching globally today from Copenhagen, Denmark. We talked to Tine Thygesen, one of the co-founders of the company about the company’s plans and where they want to take it. Needless to say, they’re still far from the bigger vision they want to achieve, but after playing around a little and using the service – it does bring a nice breath of fresh air into the location based space of services. As of today, the service launches with an online service as well as a mobile extension to help save those places while on the go.

One aspect of the bigger vision the company is after is to make sense of the masses of location based information out there. “Quality over quantity” as Thygesen herself put it. The basic function of the service is to curate the best locations all over the world through social connections. In the end, you would end up with interesting places to visit, each tagged under a descriptive tag.

As to where the company wants to go with this, Thygesen answered, “we want to become the modern online Lonely Planet” – the go-to choice, when wanting to understand what there is worthwhile seeing in a specific place.

Everplaces – the service

Using the product is simple. You sign-up and you’re ready to add new locations. Currently you add locations through a simple form that includes the name, address, category, tags and a description field for the place as seen below.

With the categories, you’re able to create collections of different places that other people can see through your own profile. Naturally, people are also able to follow you on the site, but there’s an interesting twist to following people. Where as in other services you subscribe to the full firehose of content that person pushes out, Everplaces gives you a choice to follow only the places saved under Food. This helps people seek out the more important information in the service so that as few unwanted pieces of information are spread to you as possible.

Probably the most sought out feature at the moment is the ability to search places in certain cities, according to the feedback given by the beta users. Thygesen confirms that they are working on this and look to launch it soon, but also said they didn’t want to hold back the launch to add new features.

You’re also able to import your location history from Gowalla and your own maps from Google Maps into the service to have some material to work with. Another good way to go about saving places is the mobile they have available as of today for the iOS. There’s also an alpha-version of the app for Android, but it’s not quite as far as the iOS app.

Finally, probably the most viral way to build up your collection of places is to save other people’s locations in the same way Pinterest works. You’re able to explore locations through a few different ways and then save those locations to your own profile.

The backgrounds

Everplaces has been properly bootstrapped as a startup. The team of 7 people have been working on the project since last year’s May when the work on it began. The idea for the service came up a couple of months earlier. The co-founders of the company are Tine Thygesen, Angelica Vargas as well as Christopher Kaalund. The team is located in Copenhagen, Denmark – in the Founders House.

Below is an image of the places the beta users have been curating with the service.

Here’s an image of what a profile page looks like.

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