Everplaces Offers Location-Based App Builder To Businesses, Bloggers

    Last night Everplaces announced they’re offering a new B2C app builder to business and bloggers who wish to create their own location-based app. The real value here is how easy it is to create your own app. Their app builder leverages the current Everplaces service for content building where you can take geo-tagged pictures, add then add descriptions and tags.

    Everplaces was founded to be like Evernote, but for saving places. They’ve also moved somewhat into a social travel angle (allowing you to see your friend’s and pro’s saved locations and pics in other cities), but I’m still using it for it’s original intended purpose. Saving where my friends live in other cities is easy to dig up, and has saved me from needing to text for directions when every building and street looks the same.

    But I like this new monetization angle. It makes a lot of sense given their platform, and isn’t something I necessarily would have predicted.

    “Mobile marketing is in big demand” says Tine Thygesen, CEO of Everplaces. “We already got 34 apps published and more than 100 being built right now. Companies need a mobile presence, this has been both cumbersome and expensive in the past, but now that has changed with Everplaces’ make-your-own-app technology.”

    Thygesen points out that these apps can create longer connection with customers, which can be difficult in the transaction-based travel industry. Fully branded apps run $7500 a year, and so far British trade organization UKTI and destination agency Wonderful Copenhagen are using the service.

    Bloggers and individuals can also make their own co-branded app for $249, which they can use to create apps like “A Food lover’s guide to New York”.

    Everplaces takes care of all Apple submission issues, and app creators can update their app for free four times a year.

    To promote their new service, they’ve offered a Startup Guide to The Valley app which you can download for free here. The guide includes famous headquarters, venues for events, historic locations, and good working cafes. If you’ve got a SF trip lined up, it probably cant hurt to have on your iOS device!

    Edit: I originally called the builder a B2B app builder, when really users create B2C apps.