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ae-shtml-banner23Last night a hundred of Stockholm’s brightest and best in mobile services got together to talk about future challenges, opportunities, hopes, dreams, and tearing down the old order to build it again. The event got started with a short presentation by Jaycut CEO Jonas Hombert, who just might be the nicest guy in the Swedish tech scene, which would put him high in the running for nicest worldwide. He talked about the future of the Jaycut service on mobile devices and his partnership with Intel and Moblin, classifying it as advantageous and door-opening.

Next up was the main panel, featuring no less than Rebtel founder Hjalmar Winbladh, Traveas founder Jack Melcher-Claësson, and Cloudo evangelist Viktor Björk. Hjalmar talked about Rebtel’s dual targeting strategy, focusing on immigrants and expats around the world as customers and entrenched operators around the world as enemies. He slyly added, about his enemies pricing strategy, that “50 öre for an sms is a fantasy price.” Of course facing down operators is no easy challenge, especially when companies like AT&T are constantly whispering in Apple’s ear about which applications should be approved and which should not.

Viktor, with his trademark zeal, discussed the clear mobile future of Cloudo, and made very sure not to use the term “OS,” since Cloudo is a horizontal platform, and won’t try to make you give up your gmail. Ever. He promised. Lastly, by virtue of sitting on the right of the panel, Jack illuminated the ways in which Traveas tries to make travelling print-out free, on everyone’s mobile, EVEN people without iPhones. Shocking.

Miikka then wrapped up the panel, and I passed out more drink tickets, as handshakes, back slaps, light hearted insults, and heavily considered strategies were discussed into the night.

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