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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Riga Technical University ĶĪPSALA CAMPUS

1 Meza Street, k1 Riga LV-1048 Latvia

RTU is the first higher education institution in Latvia that already in 1965 began construction of campus at Ķīpsala. The construction continues and it is planned that by 2020 a majority of university students are going to be educated at Ķīpsala Campus. Upon completion, RTU campus will become the most modern engineering study center in the Baltic States. To become the most advanced engineering study centre in the Baltic region, the development of the campus of Riga Technical University (RTU) in Ķīpsala is based on sustainable, smart and environmentally-friendly initiatives. Developing RTU Green Concept 2018–2023, the goal of the University is to raise awareness of students, employees and the general public about the need to reduce the ecological footprint and to encourage the creation and use of environmentally-friendly technologies. These principles have already been taken into account in the creation of RTU study and research infrastructure – by constructing and reconstructing buildings, furnishing and equipping them – and in the promotion of behaviour change based on the green concept. Carbon intensive technologies in various sectors of the economy and innovative solutions for more efficient and smart use of resources are also a significant research field of RTU scientists.

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