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Event As An Open API For You To Use

networkingI’m writing this from The Next Web Conference at the lovely Westergasfabrik in the heart of Amsterderdam. It’s sunny and the there’s amazing people full of energy all around. This is exactly how events should be: providing an inspirational setting to bring the busy and smart individuals into the same place to bounce ideas from each other and lay those seeds for future projects. I’ve been here for a couple days now and still don’t know nor care much about the program or the content on stage. What matters to me is the people off stage. The content needs to be there to get people curious enough to come in mass, but once you hit the venue, the smartest of us ignore the talks and focus on the conversations in the halls. To mis-use the analogy for events that Adam Greenfield uses for cities: The Events Are Here For You To Use.

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That’s how we at ArcticStartup see events, that’s why we take time to travel to events all around Europe and that’s why we go lengths to organize and make sure ArcticEvenings work for the people who take the time to spent the evenings with us.

Here’s some events just around corner what are likely to be worth your time and effort.

Mike Butcher is bringing TechCrunch to the Nordics.

Here’s the spiel:

9th April, 2009: TechCrunch Europe will be hosting a TechCrunchTalk Nordic in Stockholm on the 27th of techcrunch nordicMay. TechCrunchTalk Nordic will be an afternoon of presentations, interactive panels, and Q&A’s, followed by networking in the evening.

TechCrunch Nordic is designed to bring together startups, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and key industry players for great networking, TechCrunch style. It will be taking place in the afternoon of May 27th, from 15.00-18.00 followed by networking until around 20.00.

TechCrunch Nordic will take place at Elite Palace Hotel, St Eriksgatan 115, Stockholm, and will focus on the various themes from “Sweden’s association with ‘big plays'(Skype, TradeDoubler etc) has given it a special place online – can it hold on to that in the future?” all the way to “The Nordic countries have a cultural history of gender equality – does that apply to tech as well?”

A Pitch! Competition will be held for selected startups at the end of the afternoon.

There’s also some great people on the panel. Glad to see Ted Valentin of sushikartan, Måns Adler of Bambuser and Anders Fredriksson of Tablefinder and Rmindr and Mattias Swenson of Bloglovin’ among others at the panel. Go Sweden!

We’ll be there as well, so go and talk to Paula Marttila about your startup and try to get her to write about it.

Tickets to the event cost SEK 475 per person – and can be purchased online here. You can read more about the event here.

Another event worth checking out happens across the bay here in Helsinki. Kai from Floobs is pulling together the tech crowd and developers again for a Startup Developers Gathering. See the spiel  below:

The next SDG will be about JavaFX! It is held in the usual place Korjaamo on 21st April starting at 7pm. The sdgconcept in short is beer, technology and networking. It is an honor to have Terrence Bar from Sun Microsystems to introduce us to this long waited technology. Terrence is a Senior Technologist at Sun Microsystems and Ambassador of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. He has 15+ years of industry experience with more than 10 of those years at Sun.

The event is free of charge, just register at Facebook here.

These events are literally here for you to use!

Photo by pr1001
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