ETRONIKA Creates Kinect-Based Security For Online Banking

    A Lithuanian company has created a Microsoft Kinect-based login system for secure online banking, with the added benefit of minority-report style arm waving to pay your bills.  In total it looks like ETRONIKA has built a concise security system. You begin by using a Kinect plugged into a PC, where the sensor’s motion-based software will use your face and voice as login information. On top of that they use a phone-based pin code for an extra layer of security when you actually move money aroud. If you were ever to step out of the Kinect sensor’s range, the system would log you off automatically to protect your information.

    The system then lets you navigate the banking service through arm gestures or voice activation. These technologies still have a ways to go before they feel natural, but if you’ve already got the Kinect hooked up, you might as well offer those features. Microsoft released the Kinect software developer kit for free in June, allowing  programmers to take advantage of the motion-sensing camera, which uses both infrared and 3D technologies to track movement and depth.

    Etronika debuted the technology earlier this month at Finovate Europe 2012v in London, after introducing the concept in October of 2011. Perhaps it will be coming to your local bank soon?