Estonia’s Y.O.D.A. Case puts Hand-Sewn Carbon Fiber Cases up on Kickstarter

Had Luke Skywalker come crashing down on planet earth instead of Dagobah, he might have found something quite different than an green old jedi dwarf when roaming around looking for Yoda. The Estonian-based Y.O.D.A cases now on Kickstarter were probably what he was least expecting. Not that he would’ve been horribly disappointed though. With a new handmade touchscreen/laptop case equipped with carbon fiber protection in his hands, he would’ve made a run through the closest smartphone retailer and fly back into outer space with more swag than any millennial old Jedi gnome could have given him.

As mentioned, the new cases for handsets and laptops are handmade in Estonia and are built from carbon fiber weave and woll felt. A slim felt laptop case clocks in at $199, while a full carbon case rings up at $429 with the Kickstarter discount pricing. They hope to hit a $15,000 goal in 44 more days.

Yodacase believes it won’t only protect your device, but you as well. Their flagship product, the Y.O.D.A Carbon, features a specially-made carbon fiber tile to protect your from radiation you probably didn’t even know your devices were emitting.

Y.O.D.A or Your Only Dependable Accessory launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today.