Estonia's Weekdone Launches Team Management Tool on iOS

    A team leader’s job is to make sure people get things done, and you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Enter Weekdone, the Estonian productivity and task completion application that now announces it has launched on iOS and a major new web version. The app, and now mobile app, helps managers use popular management methods, such as PPP and OKR (or to the uninitiated, “Plans, Progress, Problems”, and “Objectives & Key Results”) to keep track of all the moving pieces.

    The app has seen good traction, according to Jüri Kaljundi, the CEO and Cofounder of Weekdone. Companies ranging from mid sized SMEs to Fortune 500 companies have apparently started plugging into the Weekdone platform to keep track of how their employees are completing the tasks they plan on completing.

    Weekdone offered features like the Weekscore, a visual team score algorithm that measures employee happiness and satisfaction, task completion ration, and overdue items. A cool feature is that it offers a one-line summary of how the employee is doing, such as, “Mike finished what he planned”, “Devon doesn’t complete what he planned”, and “Bill shows initiative”. A monetization scheme Weekdone should implement is allowing employees to submit themselves like, “John is a real team player”.

    One of the key things the company has going for them is a beautiful design that almost begs you to keep coming back as a manager, or keep plugging in progress as a user. Over the last weekend, they received the Gold Pirze at the annual Estonain design awards competition.

    “There is a massive exodus from email and other flawed tools that slow down a time-starved executive. We want to help leaders achieve more by doing less,” said Weekdone CEO and co-founder Jüri Kaljundi. “Weekdone gives managers an automatic visual pulse of their people. A quick glance shows you how things are humming along and which problems need attention.”

    The team is also working on integrating with external APIs to integrate with third party tools. They’re already plugged in with Asana and Atlassan JIRA, and Salesforce, Basecamp, and others are in the works.

    Weekdone’s first investors include Ahti Heinla, as well as former backers and executives of Odnoklassniki, once Russia’s largest social network.