Tallinn-based Respiray, that announced the release of its novel wearable air purifier last month, has started shipping its product which UV-C light modules that disinfect 99% of inhalable air.

The first batch of one thousand devices will be delivered during April to the Estonian education ministry, several large local corporations and to private customers in seven countries throughout Europe.

The first device was delivered to the former president of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves. According to Respiray’s cofounder Indrek Neivelt (on the picture), Ilves performed a key role in the product development phase.

“When sparring ideas with Ilves, he suggested making our device wearable around the neck. Our team had been working on a similar concept and this gave us the confidence to proceed with it.”

Indrek Neivelt, Respiray cofounder

Respiray’s UV-C module has been tested in the laboratories of the University of Tartu in Estonia, and the University of Łódź in Poland. In the Łódź test, the patent-pending disinfection module achieved 99.7% and 99.9% reduction against E.coli and S.aureus bacteria. The module achieved 99.4% effectiveness of inactivating Alphavirus in the Tartu study.

Respiray is founded by Aleksandr Frorip, Robert Arus, and Indrek Neivelt. Respiray has raised a total of 1.2 million euros, including from Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn’s investment vehicle Metaplanet Holdings.

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