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Estonia's Plumbr Gets Serious as a SaaS Memory Leak Solution

Estonia’s Plumbr is transforming into a full featured SaaS product by adding more centralized features and a wider scope to their code performance detection service. Since launching about a year ago, the company has gained about 100 paying customers, including names like Ericsson, TeliaSonera, NATO. Since launching, the main benefit Plumbr provides is memory leak detection for Java, memory leak detection for Java, which can save your application from crashing and your development team many stressful days of work. For the average company, tracking down a memory leak could take a few weeks of pouring through code, but Plumbr’s Java agent can track it down in about 30 minutes.

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Before this SaaS update, clients had to install Plumbr on each workstation individually, and the alerts and results would only be visible to that workstation. With the new Plumbr 3.0 update, users can attach Plumbr to as many applications as they wish, with alerts now being created on the server side.

In the next month, the company will be adding solution guidelines to their product, allowing their clients to not only find the leak, but also have instructions how to properly patch it. A screenshot of this upcoming feature is attached at the bottom.

Also, the company is also moving away from just Java memory leaks. In Q3 they plan to offer solutions for other performance problems as well, such as optimizing cache usage, data structures, and a number of other tweaks.

There’s a lot of research behind their new products. Plumbr has been gathering statistical data from the free Plumbr installations and applying data mining and machine learning patterns to detect problems. The company’s vision is something closer to “attach Plumbr to your server and be insured against performance threats”, so they’ll soon be expanding themselves into a full performance SLA warranty solution.

Example result:

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