Estonian Sportlyzer Slightly Pivots Towards Sports Club Software

    Estonia-based Sportlyzer announces they have grown into more of the sports club software sector. The startup allows you to log training data, collaborate with your coach, while still keeping the social features to share trainings with friends. But recently they’ve been updating the service to make Sportlyzer more useful for coaches, even if their endurance athletes do not track their workouts on Sportlyzer themselves

    Tõnis Saag, Sportlyzer CEO explains on their newsletter, “Digging deeper into the reality of training management, we can see that majority of these plans and data is spread between paper notebooks and spreadsheets, which makes longitudinal analysis and comparison of athletes very difficult if not impossible!

    “So we raised an intriguing question: What if coaches could plan and analyze training of every single athlete in their clubs and even spend less time on it?”

    New features released include a “puppet athlete” feature that lets coaches track athletes that don’t track their own training. When the time is right, these users can then turn on their puppet accounts to own themselves. This has the added benefit of helping coaches track attendance in groups, and reach out to users for training schedules.

    In addition, Sportslyzer has also added digital athlete profiles, includeing emergency contact info, health info, sports history, and other data that a club may normally keep on paper. This also includes tracking club membership fees, to help clubs understand their cash flows.

    It looks like Sportslyzer offers a nice product, but figuring out the best use-case between coacher and athletes is likely tricky. But this sort of platform approach makes sense to make Sportlyzer indispensable to coaches, and a nice product for athletes’ training diaries.

    Sportlyzer was founded in 2009 and has received funding from angel investors, the Estonian Development Fund, and Seedcamp, and lists nine employees on their About page.