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Ampler Bikes launches an Indiegogo campaign for smart electric bikes.

Estonia-based Ampler Bikes is offering to urban commuters a smart electric bike with an in-house mobile app. In comparison to normal average e-bike in the market, Ampler bikes are claimed to be lighter and even 40% faster.

Ampler aims to reach the urban commuters with their three classic bike models Bilberry, Hawk and Pennon. Photo: Ampler Bikes

The company has introduced smart sensors and intelligent assist built-in features that will measure the road condition and surround area so riders do not have to accelerate manually by twisting a grip. Users can use Ampler smartphone app to change power setting or to use it as a navigation system.

Ampler brand is previously known as Ööbik Cycles, an Estonian electric bike producer founded by engineers and bike enthusiasts, which raised 91 500 euros on Fundwise in 2015.

The company has been receiving a lot of attention during Tallinn Motor Show 2016, and hopes to go international with the Indiegogo campaign starting this week.

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