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Teams from Nordics and Estonia got every second spot at new NexusLab blockchain accelerator in Zürich, showing the region’s strong position in the emerging technology platform.

A total of 10 teams started the programme late April, with Estonia represented with two teams, and Finland, Sweden, Norway, each with one team.

Norway’s Taqanu Bank provides basic blockchain-based banking services including debit cards and checking accounts for migrants, refugees, expatriates and remote workers regardless of residency status or available documentation.

Sweden’s Zeptagram is planning to establish a platform for traders and investors worldwide on which music properties can be traded as an alternative investment. The platform act as an transparent internet exchange with real-time trading and transparent order books – supported by blockchain technology.

Finland’s Wone makes payments across different mobile wallets possible through an interoperable Person-to-Person mobile payment solution in Europe. This allows anybody to send money to their friends even if they don’t have the same mobile app.

Estonia’s ProofOfYou provides an Ethereum-based platform for creating, signing, fulfilling and managing contracts and legal documents, which are necessary between different companies (internally or externally) or individuals.

Estonia’s First Wallet is a unique mobile wallet that gives every smart phone owner the possibility to make instant bitcoin payments without any exchanges or money transfers in a highly secure environment.

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