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Valkee, the startup that is developing an ear light solution to curing seasonal affecting disorder (SAD), has closed a 400 000 euro investment round from many well known investors. Some names include the world renown Esther Dyson, Nokia’s former director Anssi Vanjoki as well as Jyri Engeström a Jaiku co-founder as well as Lifeline Ventures. To add to all the success, Valkee has also received a special mention in the Finnish INNOSUOMI 2010 -competition.

Valkee is a product, that came out of research – our brains need light, not our eyes. The light is cast onto the brain using the device, that resembles a music player with ear buds. You put them in your ear and let the light beams in for small durations of time through out the day. May sound weird for some, but 70% of the recent test group has publicly stated on the Valkee website that the device works wonders.

“Valkee has a huge goal: to bring a new, natural and effective solution to curing depression. Having people like Esther and Anssi on board is a statement in itself, of how significant this solution is”, states Juuso Nissilä, founder of Valkee and CEO. Esther Dyson is one of the most respected angel investors and opinion leaders of high technology.

Just yesterday, Valkee was talked about in the Finnish national news on their INNOSUOMI 2010 award. In the piece, it was also revealed that the product is made in Oulu, Finland where about 30 people work on manufacturing it at the moment.

Valkee is on a great roll. The company is very much talked about in the Finnish media, but I’d suggest it’s equally interesting elsewhere for its solution.

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