EstBAN infographic details where Estonian Angels are putting their money

    Estonia’s Business Angels Network put out an infographic detailing EstBAN’s first year in review. It’s an interesting look a Estonia’s angel investing scene, detailing the €4.6 million invested by their 59 Angles in their network. In total, the group has charted 83 investments into 66 companies.

    For entrepreneurs it give some look at how and where these angels are putting their money. The largest percentage of investments were in the ICT sector, which only accounted for 30% of the investments, but there are some figures worth noting. First of all, these angels aren’t just investing into their own country. 57% of the investments were into Estonia while 32% went into the rest of Europe, suggesting you shouldn’t just be talking to your local business angels network.

    Of these, 57% were pre-seed and early stage investments. Half of the investments bought equity, with the remaining 50% being mostly convertable loans, with a mix of equity and convertible loans bringing up the rear.

    As far as how these angels are doing, they’ve seen greater than 10x earnings coming from 22% of their exits.

    We’ve attached the infographic below, which you can click on to see the full size. Or if it’s easier for you, just hop over to the EstBAN website for more info about the network, or to download the PDF.