ESTBAN Celebrates 5 Years Anniversary

For this week’s Investor of the week – we have something special. It is not a person, nor is it a VC or a CVC, but an angel organization – more specifically EstBAN from Estonia.

This year – they turned 5 years old and over the course of the year they grew from 25 members to  119 members in 2016 and made more 8.82M EUR in investments.

We would like to mention special thanks to Ivar Siimar, who started this whole operation. Heidi Kakko who was one of the inspirations to get it started and Rein Lemberpuu who is now the President of EstBAN. Let’s also not forget Anu Oks – the new managing director.

EstBAN has close cooperation with Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN), Latvian Business Angels Network (LatBAN) St-Petersburg Business Angels Network (SOBA) and newly formed Nordic Business Angels Network (NordicBAN). And they plan to be more international and agiler than ever, says Rein Lemberpuu.

Happy Birthday ESTBAN and if you are a startup from Estonia – you know where to go!