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Erply logoErply, an Estonian web startup, is the only company to make it to Seedcamp from the Nordics and Baltics. But what a great idea that Erply has, despite being a tiny company with only 4 employees. The company is actually working to create a single solution for small retailers and service companies to handle all their daily operations. Daily operations include everything from handling your inventory, having a digital cash register, billing and accounting software.

I’m a big fan of B2B-software that’s made simple so I’m an immediate fan of Erply. There’s a ton of software out there for small companies to build their business, however they’re not very useful for the smaller companies – mainly for cost reasons. This in my opinion is a huge opportunity that many other companies could also look at and capitalise for their advantage. Startups and smaller retailers just kicking off their business have bigger expenses to worry about and usually the money is better spent on acquiring inventory than invested on the support functions (they are important as well, but don’t offer nearly as good an ROI).

I had a quick e-mail chat with the founder of the company, Kristjan Randma. He stated that one of the key competitive advantages of the company is to bring in a low cost, single solution service to the market that is usable over the net. This of course brings in a lot of advantages regarding maintenance of such a solution.

The interesting issue with regards to Erply is that they’re pending registration of their company Switzerland of all places. I’m wondering if the optimistic guys are looking forwards to the benefit of the Swiss banking law regarding financial disclosures. Then again, many European entrepreneurs take advantage of these issues – for example, Spotify founders have their holding companies set-up in Cyprus.

All-in-all the Seedcamp week finalists are:
Advertag – London, UK
Boxed Ice – Bromsgrove, UK
Brainient – Bucharest, Romania
Codility – Warsaw, Poland
Comufy – London, UK
Erply – Estonia
Joobili – Budapest, Hungary
Kukunu – London, UK
Loc8 Solutions – Edinburgh, UK
Patients Know Best – Cambridge, UK
Petsicon – Berlin, Germany
Plug in SEO – London, UK
ShoutEm – Zagreb, Croatia
T27 Systems (Pearl Systems) – Bristol, UK
Talasim.com – Amman, Jordan
Teachable – London, UK
Vooices – Wigan, UK
VouChaCha – London, UK
Wondergraphs – Leuven, Belgium
World on a Hanger – London, UK
YubiTech – Ramat Gan, Israel