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Envault has a lot to announce this January. They’ve signed a contract with a new CEO, brought on board new clients and also plan to fuel growth more in 2011 with an array of new products. Envault’s new CEO is Jörgen Jansson, who has built an extensive career in Progress Software, CA and IBM. He has started his work at Envault and plans to extensively grow the reach of their products in the coming years.

Envault produces and offers services for companies in the areas of data security and especially from a view point of data leakage. They have built a password free method to securing one’s content, whether it is locally stored or externally, in the cloud for example.

Envault has also signed some new contracts with the likes of Arctia Shipping, SKS Group Oy and Saab Systems Oy. Additionally, they have signed deals with two SaaS-service providers: Fujitsu Services Oy and Nervogrid Oy.

But perhaps, most interestingly – Envault is bringing a lot of new interesting products to the market. Where as their focus as previously been on USB connected devices, they now focus on everything from external hard drives to internal disks and e-mail attachments.

The new product portfolio can be seen in full on their website, but one of the most current service offerings is their protection services for the cloud. With this, clients are able to package their data in a way that the files are organised in an unreadable format in the cloud. Additionally, everything is controlled centrally and machines connecting to the cloud need a key to read the data – leaving an audit trail which can be later used to analyse who has accessed and what.

Surely with the growth of cloud based services, Envault’s offering will be one that is seeked after.

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