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Entrepreneurs Build Hype For NEST Co-Living Space in Copenhagen

As Copenhagen’s NEST co-living space quotes on their website, you are the average of the people you gather around you. The space doesn’t actually exist yet, but they’re currently hoping to build enough hype to make it happen.

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Startup Bootcamp’s Morten Kararup Kristensen, one of the people behind NEST, tells us the idea came about when himself and a few other local entrepreneurs decided they were sick of living alone, or in their dorms, and decided it would be fun to get a few entrepreneurs to live together. Currently the founding members also include Marius Klausen of Moving Monday ApS, Dan Nielsen of Create Copenhagen, Peter Trydman of The Danish Stockholder association, and Kristoffer Dorph of Stamsed.

They figured if they were going to spend the time and effort to get something together, they shouldn’t just get five people to share a flat, which would fall apart when a few people leave. Instead they figured they should go big with it and get a whole building in downtown Copenhagen.

They have their eyes set on a certain house, but they’re afraid of hyping the actual location until they have the property secured. Currently they’re in discussion with a few investors, but they’re really on the lookout for someone who’s interested in purchasing the property, and then lease it out to them as renters.

“It’s a Chicken and egg scenario. No one will put money on the line unless we know what we’re getting,” says Kristensen.

Such a property would be awesome for Copenhagen’s startup scene, as they would have room to sleep about 17 entrepreneurs while still having a nice 80sqm room for events.

Kristensen tells us the property has a front and back house, and their own courtyard that has no windows facing it, making neighbors less of a worry if a “networking session” were to run into the night.

They’re accepting applications for entrepreneurs willing to live there, and they say they’ve been blown away by the number of applications. They say they’ve gotten 39 in the first week, including ex-google programmers and a bunch of cool people, which Kristensen says is impressive considering the exact address and specifics hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Co-living spaces like Glint in San Franciscoand Hus24 in Stockholm are breeding the type of culture and connections vital to a startup scene, so here’s to hoping they get the location, just so we can all come visit. Applications to live in the space can be found on their website.

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