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Monday, June 27, 2022

Enreach Group Merges With Adaptlogic

We covered Enreach Group in September only to hear yesterday that they merged with Sweden’s Adaptlogic, and have been secretly working as one company since June. The two companies have very complementary services, and their merger does seem like a logical step for building deeper products that can help them together reach critical mass.Petteri Vainikka tells us this merger is equally, if not more so, about combining the two teams than it is about combining technologies because great people are always in short supply. “Naturally I’d be lying if I didn’t say that having technologies that are this complementary – and a shared vision of where to take the technologies and products in the future – is very rare indeed.”

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But on the services side, I suppose it’s a match made in heaven. Enreach Group has built technology to combine online and offline data to  describe and package online audiences into 3D audience segments, like sociodemographics, semantic interests, and values/attitudes. From this, they built audience targeting technology to enable Facebook style audience targeting based on the 3D audience characteristics.

Meanwhile, Adaptlogic has built solutions for real-time online personalization for both editorial content and advertising.  On top of that they have real-time engagement analytics for most of Sweden’s biggest media brands such as Aftonbladet, Dagens Industri, Expressen, and Dagens Nyheter.

Together, they offer a package that provides premium publishers a high level of insight and solutions. The service first fuses together online and offline data sources to create audiences. Next they identify and connect these audiences across marketer sites. With this they can provide campaign insights of audiences, engagement, and placements. And finally with their rich brand engagement metrics, publishers can employ these campaign insights. It’s much more of the total package  than either one of them provided before.

Their 1st Party Audience Data Management Platform with Targeting and Insights – will be made available at a large scale to advertisers by a very large innovative premium publisher turn of the year. It is currently in beta with select advertisers.

The companies are coming together under the Enreach name, and the new management team will consist of the management teams of the merged companies, with Anders Lindén of Adaptlogic as CEO.

On the merger, Lindén says.  “This merger the first step in executing our fast growth strategy to capitalize on the recognized growing market demand related to audience based online advertising, and audience data management platforms.”

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