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Enreach is a new Finnish startup that has been founded by Kimmo Kiviluoto and Brian Jacobs. Kimmo Kiviluoto is the former CEO and co-founder of another data crunching startup X-tract. Enreach has a good amount of talent and understanding of the online behavior of consumers and the media business. They’re also putting this into use in their offering. Enreach in short is giving premium publishers a way to better understand their audiences and then use this to target ads for better monetisation.

We talked to Petteri Vainikka, who’s the latest to join their team about what the company actually does in a little more detail. According to him, Enreach is focusing on premium publishers and brand advertisers with their offering. The company collects 1st party data from sources such as the client’s Omniture data set. More on this at the bottom of the post with a few images.

With all the different data, the company blends this together into 3D audience segments comprising of socio-demographics, interest profiles & attitudes and values. Being able to better understand this from different data sets is going to give a lot of value for publishers and advertisers to work with their community.

For the publishers, the company offers ways to monetize this audience insight. They do this in two different ways. The first way is to provide campaign performance metrics beyond the traditional CTR-figures and secondly, by enabling audience-based online advertising meaning they’re able to select their target audiences and not just a site to advertise on.

Vainikka keeps on talking of their clients, but does not disclose any of them due to confidentiality of the agreements. However, having built a network of contacts at Leiki, his former employer, he’s surely got a quite a few companies up his sleeve to pitch to. The offering is also very interesting to say the least.

What makes Enreach even more interesting is the fact that not only do they use online data to better understand their clients they also use offline research to better target online marketing and communication activities. Mind you, the word premium pops up quite a bit in our discussion with Vainikka. The tools are targeted at advertisers who work with brand advertising and thus do not work in the explained fashion with direct-response and low margin advertisers (think Groupon).

As mentioned earlier, the company is founded by Brian Jacobs and Kimmo Kiviluoto. Kiviluoto has a history of building data analysis startups, most recently X-tract. Brian Jacobs has 35 years of experience from the media business building different communication and marketing plans for a wide variety of media.

Enreach is definitely a company to keep an eye on in the near future.