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Eniram is a company we haven’t written about in a while. The last time was actually in 2009. However, they’ve been growing their business ever since and a while ago we received their 2010 figures. Impressive growth indeed, the company has grown their 2010 revenue some 300% compared to 2009. In 2009 Eniram’s revenue was about 830 000 euros so this means they turned over some 3,3 million euros in 2010.

What do they actually do then? The Finnish based software company promotes their products, Eniram Onshore and Eniram Onboard, that help fleet owners and captains better handle their ship to save fuel and overall improve efficiency.

The growth in 2010 figures can also be acclaimed for the expansion of the London and USA offices. Eniram has also recruited more than 10 people in the last year to support and keep up with growth. Also, in 2010 Eniram expanded their offering of simply onboard products to fleet products, such as Eniram Onshore, where they are currently piloting with clients.

For 2011, Eniram will expect more growth and more expansion into the sectors of container ships and tankers. They are currently strong in the cruise ship business, but there’s a lot more potential in the industrial side of shipping. One of Eniram’s goals is to grow out of the “startup phase” of the company and expand sales to the range of 10 million.

Eniram is a great example where software companies with enough industry expertise can grow. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this company.

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