Eniram Closes A 5 Million Euro Round

experimentEniram, A Finnish startup providing dynamic decision support systems for the shipping industry, has closed a five milliong euro investment round.

The company does not operate in the consumer web remit, but when the mainstream press is doing its best to fuel the economic despair we want to show that every coin has two sides and that great startups will always find funding. In fact, now that the tougher times weed out the clones and other cowboys who’re in it for a quick buck it’s a lot easier to get your message our there and find that smart money you need.

In the same spirit, great ideas know no boundaries either and best opportunities wait at the intersection of different industries be it micromessage systems, ship building or clean tech.

In Eniram’s case the investment will allow the company to increase the pace of expansion of its global sales, distribution and support operations. Stronger presence in key markets will help Eniram respond to the growing demand for the company’s flagship product Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA), introduced in July 2008 to the global maritime market.

Eniram DTA helps vessel officers optimize trim at all times, minimizing water resistance, decreasing fuel consumption, and reducing emissions. The system continuously collects and displays real-time data of the vessel attitude, allowing timely action in changing circumstances. The key metrics are brought to vessel officers in an easy-to-read graphic form, to facilitate faster and better informed decision-making.

The investment round closed in December 2008 was led by Ferd Venture, one of Norway’s leading venture capital investors focused on ICT companies in the Nordic region. Other investors include Conor Venture Partners, a Finnish early-stage technology venture capital firm, and Finnish Industry Investment, a government-owned investment company. Conor Venture Partners previously invested in Eniram in the company’s Series A funding round in March 2008.

It’s shitty time to build your career in almost any big company as they need to cut cost and tighten the screw in every possible way. Hell, even Google is cutting the perks and laying off part-time workers. This makes it an ideal time to give that idea of yours a shot. Don’t quit your day job, but build a proto during the weekend and even during the week when your employer is not looking. When the old methods are not working everyone is looking for new alternatives, which makes it an ideal time to bring your proto to the investors to see.

Photo by western dave (CC-BY)