Endomondo Launches Pebble-dedicated Sports app due to User Request

It seems many fitness app enthusiasts have had the inscrutable dream of tracking exercise distances via smartwatch, and who’s to blame them? Bulky smartphones bouncing from one side of the pocket to another can piss off any jogger, but hey, it’s not like they have a choice.

Or do they?

Denmark-based fitness app Endomondo has been paying close attention to its users who have been openly pondering the confusing presence of a smartwatch exercise app void. In response, the dream of exercise tracking via smartwatch has today officially departed from the realm of impossibilities, that is, if you’re an Endomondo user.

The new Endomondo Sports Tracker app is build for the Pebble smartwatch, which is one of the big Kickstarter successes, and has been released for iOS. The app will allow users to start, pause or stop a workout while exercising and the app can display up to three configurable data metrics, such as distance traveled, heart rate and workout duration. Additionally, the Endomondo app vibrates the Pebble smartwatch for each mile, kilometer or lap completed, and will briefly display a performance summary for the distance.

There are other apps that work in collaboration with a smartwatch, one example being Finnish PulseOn which is an app with a watch specifically built for exercise analysis. If comparing, a big advantage to Endomondo would be the already largely established user base, which according to the company is well beyond 10 million at the moment. On top of that, the Pebble smartwatch has a decent app repertoire so the watch’s use goes well beyond Endomondo, which is a good deal for Pebble. The mutual benefits can vary, but the general direction is good.

Endomondo’s app for Pebble syncs with iPhone 4S and all iPhone 5 models. Users must be using the most recent version of the free Endomondo Sports Tracker available for download at the App Store, and download Endomondo’s Pebble app from the Pebble store. To sync Endomondo data between a Pebble device and iPhone, simply go to ‘Settings’ in the Endomondo app to connect with a Pebble device.

“We’re excited to welcome Endomondo to the Pebble appstore,” said Thomas Sarlandie, Developer Evangelist at Pebble. “Endomondo’s Pebble app puts preferred workout stats right on our wrists and lets users customize what’s displayed without having to reach for their phones. Pebblers have been eager for Endomondo integration and they’re going to love how smooth the experience is.”

App or no app, don’t go skipping on exercise for lack of a smartwatch though: Natural jogging is and will always be freemium.