Endomondo Gears Up To Get Wisconsin Residents Adopt Healthier Lifestyles

Endomondo_logoNot everybody works out to stay healthy but everyone definitely thinks or dreams of living that athletic lifestyle. All you need is a little encouragements and there are services dedicated to that end. Endomondo Sports Tracker, a mobile app that makes your smartphone a fully loaded personal trainer, is taking up the task of encouraging Wisconsin residents to buckle up for a ride.

Endomondo announced that it has joined hands with Kimberly-Clark’s Scott® Brand as well as the Bicycle Foundation of Wisconsin. Teams have been formed to bring a 4-month Bike Challenge. This is open to all residents aged over 18, organizations as well as businesses and has been up since May 16. You can visit the Wisconsin Bike Challenge for more information.

The challenge will last till September 30 and is quite simple: the more you ride the higher are your chances to win prizes. The winners will be selected on the basis of points they earn from daily trips they make and the number of miles they cover. Winners are entitled to prizes worth $3,000 that include a Trek bike and a Trek recreation package.

The overall idea of the competition is simply to promote a healthier lifestyle. Why drive your car to a grocery store when you can take a bike? Biking saves you cash on gas, ensures you get your little bit of workout and makes you environmentally friendly. Sounds a bit difficult to digest? Take a look at the picture below and see how much you money has already been saved on gas or reduced CO2 emissions.


The competition is not limited to a state-run challenge, which means businesses can manage their own campaigns by signing up for free.

I think it’s a great use of the application. From being a personal trainer, Endomondo manages to take on a larger role by promoting a healthy community and not just individual livestyles. This is likely to be viral pretty soon as more communities would signup to expand the idea further.