Endomondo, Among 25 Apps At The Google I/O, Announces Social Features

Endomondo_logoEndomondo, a sports community based on real time GPS tracking for trekking, cycling etc has registered another milestone. The Copenhagen based startup was among the 25 developers selected to showcase their talent at the ongoing Google I/O conference. Endomondo Sports Tracker, the mobile app that transforms the mobile device into your pocket trainer can also boast of being the one out of the 100,000 or so apps in the Android Market to be invited for the same.

The Endomondo Sports Tracker is set to cross the 3 million download mark this week and will also be releasing new features, with focus on making sports more engaging and fun. It will be releasing three notable features that take advantage of the APIs in Android Platform, extending the application to a more cloud based community. The upcoming features include:

Find And Connect Friends – utilizing the ContactsContract API of the Android, it will search through your existing contacts and merge those already registered to Endomondo. This makes giving or receiving feedbacks on activities much faster.


Access Contact Information – Communication via SMS, calls or emailing with your contacts at Endomondo. The in-app friend list now demonstrates your friends’ photos along with a description on their latest activity of each of those friends. This is made possible with the use of QuickContactBadges, enabling users to get in touch with friends, just in case if you have plans to go on a run with one of them.


The plan here is quite visible; Endomondo is adding a more social element to its service whilst leveraging on the ever popular mobile operating systems and devices. And with user interaction maximized by enabling users to challenge friends and share results. The Endomondo Sports Tracker also integrates a built in music player and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Though this is limited to a few handsets only.

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