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Thursday, January 26, 2023

End-to-end IPR services from Iprbox

Iprbox Oy, founded in 2006, offers a variety of different intellectual property rights services to help companies better utilize IPR as part of their business and internationalization operations, as well as maximizing the value of IPR.
Potential customers include inventors, researchers, research institutes, business incubators, high-growth companies, and licensing partners.

According to the company it’s the first time a single company can offer all IPR services required for commercial success. It has introduced IPR360°® service concept for helping firms to integrate IPR with core business operations. Iprbox offering includes defining IPR strategies and processes, screening markets and competitors, helping with registering patents and trademarks, and controlling and liquidating licenses. The company also offers an IPR marketplace bringing together IP owners and potential purchasers, and offers help in different kinds of new venture spin-offs.

While Iprbox claims that IPRs are “the single most important investment for high-growth companies, as intellectual capital represents around 80 percent of their value”, it naturally depends greatly on the business whether intellectual capital should or could be protected. Furthermore, the management of the fastest growing Finnish companies consider the most valuable intellectual capital to be the people (quite precisely in my opinion). For perspective, though, one has to also notice 7 of those top 10 companies are in the business of software, as opposed to selling physical products where it’s possible to sometimes build virtual monopolies around the technology (while software patents of course don’t qualify ‘as such’). Nevertheless, IPR strategy is an important part of business as well, and the IPR landscape should be investigated and risks identified beforehand when entering new markets.

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