EmotionrLittle known Finnish beta service called Emotionr has been sold to Zallas Technologies in the US. The price was not disclosed, but my guess is that we’re not talking about astronomical figures here based on the complexity of the free service. Furthermore, the service does not show significant amounts of traffic data in Compete.com statistics so the price for it might be a symbolic one.

Emotionr is a service where one can tell in a simple manner how she is feeling today. The user sets her mood on a slidebar with values from 0 to 10 and clicks it to lock the mood. This mood data is then used in various ways. Emotionr knows for example the mood of certain countries as people give some personal information upon signing up. Zallas Technologies is a 75 person strong US coding firm and with the sale they are completely in charge of the future development of the service. No information was given on the plans though in the press release.

Emotionr was founded by Elmo Saukko and Arto Aaltonen. The fellows are known for other successful web properties as well including Kuvake.net, Mikseri.net (these were sold to Rohea earlier this year) as well as Stardoll. Saukko and Aaltonen won’t be resting on their heels for a long time as they are working on a new project called Tripvan. Tripvan is currently in development phase and is only accepting queries for beta invitations.