Elisa Seeks Future Hits in IoT and Smart Home

Elisa organises for the second year the Elisa Innovation Challenge. The challenge encourages both businesses and private individuals to create new product and service innovations using networked technology.

The contest consists of two tracks seeking new products and services in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home solutions. The best solutions will be announced and awarded at the stage of Slush 2016. A total of €85,000 will be given out to the winners.

“Our contest last year showed that with the right tools, a good incentive and the agility created by IoT, it is possible to turn ideas into the actual business in just three months.” rejoiced Markku Hollström, the vice president responsible for Elisa’s IoT project.

This year they continue to look for new services and products can be related to networked devices, applications utilizing them and new services that pave the way for the future of work and industrial processes in the IoT track.

“The smartness of technology does not come from the devices themselves, but from applications and services that make life easier for their user.” said Matias Castrén, the director in charge of Elisa’s private customers’ broadband subscription business.

The new Smart Home track focuses on finding solutions for everyday challenges in the form of automation and control solutions for smart homes.

Both tracks, IoT and Smart Home, encourage businesses and individuals to submit their ideas. The participants in the semi-finals will receive training and develop their ideas in 3 months.

The challenge will culminate to Slush 2016 in the end of November and a total of €85,000 will be awarded to the winning solutions.

Application period ends at 4 PM on June 17, 2016.

Description of the challenge and terms of participation: elisa.fi/innovation-challenge/