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Estonian startup joins forces with Carrefour to expand EV charging network across Poland

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Tallinn-based Eleport and Carrefour Polska have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Poland. The partnership will see 170 charging points installed at over 70 Carrefour-owned commercial facilities across 65 cities, promoting ecological transportation and enhancing access to EV charging stations. Carrefour aims to provide convenient, user-friendly EV charging solutions powered by 100% renewable energy, aligning with its “Carrefour 2026” strategy for sustainable development. Eleport views this collaboration as a significant milestone in advancing the EV market in Poland, with plans for the first stations to be operational later this year and full deployment by next year.

Agata Kopytyńska, a member of the Executive Committee and Director of Real Estate, Expansion, and Assets at Carrefour Polska, emphasized the alignment of this initiative with Carrefour’s global strategy, “Carrefour 2026.”

She stated, “The primary goal of Carrefour’s global strategy is to accelerate the company’s transformation through a commitment to accessibility, building the company of the future, and consolidating our sustainable development model. Our partnership with Eleport will further enable us to achieve our ambitious CO2 emission reduction targets. By developing EV charging infrastructure at our facilities, we are enhancing our connection with customers and encouraging the adoption of ecological solutions. This partnership is integral to our efforts towards sustainable transport, addressing current economic and environmental challenges.”

From Eleport’s perspective, this collaboration with Carrefour represents a significant milestone in the advancement of the EV market in Poland.

Paweł Doleciński, Sales Director at Eleport, expressed his enthusiasm, “Collaborating with Carrefour Polska marks another major step in strengthening our presence in the Polish market. This partnership will allow us to offer Carrefour customers in numerous cities the convenience of quick EV charging during their everyday shopping trips. We are particularly thrilled to partner with a company that shares our commitment to developing environmentally friendly transportation solutions.”

The agreement between Carrefour and Eleport is a step towards promoting sustainable development and supporting ecological initiatives in the retail sector. The planned infrastructure expansion will cover strategically located locations throughout Poland.

Preparations are currently underway, including administrative processes and the installation of charging devices at each location. Both partners aim to launch the devices as soon as possible, with the first stations becoming operational later this year and full deployment expected by next year.

Eleport and Carrefour will continue to provide updates on the project and further stages of their cooperation.

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