Educational Games Maker Savivo Fights Illiteracy

    In the new digital educational marketplace, app stores are filled with various so-called “educational” applications for children. Among this noise it is hard to find something that can actually educate kids. However, there are few game developers that stand out from the crowd with quality products. Among them is Savivo, a company from Denmark developing educational applications and web games since 2007.

    The educational app maker started with penetrating the local market and now their math app covering the entire math curriculum from 1 till 9 grades have been rolled out across 30 per cent of schools in Denmark, according to the company’s CEO Stephan Stephensen. Besides math apps, they also offer a range of applications and online games that help kids learn English and to tell time.

    The company is now focused on growth in English speaking markets as well as Latin America and China. In these markets, Savivo has been targeting not only B2C segment, but also has actively partnered with schools, governments, corporations, and non-governmental organisations. In 2009, The Chilean government adopted Savivo’s English teaching game Mingoville as part of its initiative to fight the country’s English illiteracy. The Portuguese government also distributed their solutions to schools.

    In Latin America there is currently a big focus on improving hardware in schools which naturally translates into a need for new teaching tools. Besides that, in the South American countries it is easier than in Europe to bring changes to school curriculum because the educational system is very centralized. Once you convince school curriculum makers or the government to adopt your solution, it can secure a steady cash inflow without additional marketing and distribution costs. That’s exactly the reason why Savivo pins Latin America on its business development map.

    Stephensen emphasizes that there is very big demand for their products across the globe. However, they don’t really want to grow their own staff. Instead they want to partner with local publishers and marketers to promote their solutions abroad.

    Competition in the digital education space is very tough. However, Stephensen comments, “In the age group we are targeting [6-12 years old] we offer the most comprehensive teaching material while the market is getting spammed with tons of entertainment apps.” To create engaging and fun apps they use gamification, dialogue-based materials and storytelling with real voice recordings. “We offer not training but teaching, first by explaining topics in videos and only then offering exercises.”

    Savivo’s current revenue is around $1 million, which they plan to double during the next year. We’ll see what the future holds for them.