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edicyEdicy, the Estonian startup that enables people to create their own websites without knowing any technical issues affiliated with website design. I first met Tõnu Runnel in Le Web Paris last year and interviewed them regarding the product. He was also pitching their company in the startup track among other European startups.

At the end of July, Edicy turned one years old. Back in December in the decent weather of Paris, I was somewhat doubtful if the world needed another homepage company. After all, there are a lot of them. I’m glad to say that since then they have grown immensely, globally and now celebrate their birthday with the 85 000 sites that have been created with their service. They have a map tool showing where the 50 recent sites have been created from and it confirms that they are global. Interestingly enough there are no new sites from North nor South America.


Since December, Edicy has also added some ways of cashing in on the service. They have added a pro plan, where you can get your own domain name (as opposed to one of their default ones). For this you have to pay anywhere fro 6€ to 10€ a month depending on the length of the contract. According to Tõnu in one of his blog posts, more and more people are signing up for the paid plan. What I’d like to see in the commercial version is some other advantages as well. Perhaps some more designs or simple e-commerce possibilities. Through these I’d believe more people would sign-up for the paid version, furthermore Edicy could partner with an e-commerce solution provider to tackle this.

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