Mate eBike tops Danish crowdfunding chart

Mate eBike, already the most successful Danish crowdfunding project ever, enters last week of the Indiegogo campaign having gathered more than $2.6 million.

Danish capital Copenhagen is surely one of the biking capitals of the world and creators of Mate link it directly also to the fact  that their hometown has been called the happiest city on Earth.

For co-founders Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton cycling is more than a hobby or a mode of transport, it is a way of life. The brother and sister team believes that life is simply better on two wheels.

“It combines the best of all worlds: freedom, flexibility, fitness & fun and it’s good for the environment,” said Julie.

In total 3,722 people are backing the project, pre-ordering bikes from all around the world. Mate eBike is now 3,320% funded, as the original target was set at a modest $80,000.

The bike was introduced to the public for the first time September 20 in the royal opera house in Copenhagen at TechBBQ, the largest tech and entrepreneurship event in Denmark.

The eBike

Looking at the bike as a potential buyer one has to say the 70 percent discount to future retail price is appealing, and not even a crawl across Chinese cheap technology portals does not give a cheaper pricing offer.

Mate is a fully featured foldable eBike. It comes with a 250W or 350W motor, gets up to 80 kilometres on a single charge and has a maximum legal speed of 25 km/h in Europe. For faster engine-assisted biking one needs a driving licence in Europe.

“It’s about giving the rider the choice. You can use the motor when you need it and pedal when you don’t. We wanted to make a bike great for both inner city living and suburban areas,” Christian said.

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