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In Finland, it is relatively common for larger employers to give lunch vouchers to employees as a benefit. They’re usually closer to the 10€ range in value, while the employee payes a certain tax deductible price for the voucher. The problem with these vouchers is that you usually get them in a set, valued at a standard price. This creates a common problem as not all lunches are equally priced, making a difference in values (if your voucher is valued higher than the purchase, you cannot get the difference back in change). Long story short – EazyBreak is bringing a digital solution to all this nonsense. In short, the service aims to be more user friendly from many different perspectives be it administrative or the fact that you can pay for the exact amount of the lunch.

The idea of a mobile payment mechanism to outrun the traditional paper version is extremely logical. According to a recent interview of the company head Jari Kivinen by Helsingin Sanomat, he states that companies are paying around 50 million euros a year to administer the use of these little vouchers. That’s a lot of money spent unwisely – a clear signal for improvement. Furthermore, being able to pay for the exact price of the lunch is a big bonus for the user. Employees are able to save up to 300e with the digital version of the voucher.

Currently, the new solution is available in about 50 restaurants in the capital area of Finland. One of the larger chains running restaurants at office complexes, Sodexo, piloted the concept earlier this year. Lars Finér, the CEO of Sodexo Finland, has said that they will try to roll out the new concept to as many restaurants this year as possible. According to him, the solution is quick and easy to use and does not need any new equipment at the cashier.

According to Kai Friman, EazyBreak currently has about 700 restaurants using the mechanism as a means to pay and that figure is expected to rise to about a 1000 towards the end of the year. This would mean about 20 000 end users for the service.

EazyBreak is also looking to go global with their service. They have been accepted into Tekes’ young, innovative companies -program.

Photo by phossil

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