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The Finnish restaurant site Eat.fi has partnered with Offerium, a Finnish Groupon-kind flash sales site, to offer diners cheaper meals. People looking for places to go out for dinner/lunch on Eat.fi will be now able to spot those restaurants with offers with a little “deal”-icon next to their name. I haven’t bought yet anything on Offerium, but putting the restaurant deals into a need based context fits in perfectly and I’m guessing will result in more people finding Offerium as well.

Users will also be able to find the deals at the bottom right hand corner of each map view in Eat.fi, putting yet again the deals in a better context for people looking for a place to go and eat at. After finding a deal, and clidking on it the user is then taken to the restaurant page where they will be able to make the purchase.

This may not be a very significant feature update nor relevant piece of news to many, but examples like these are some of the best ones out there that show the power of partnering with fellow startups. There are immense possibilities, and I believe this will only increase the attractiveness of Eat.fi as a restaurant site, while it generates Offerium a lot more transactions in the process.

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