Easyprove: Simplifying The Document Approval Process

    Getting your documents and proposals approved on time by all relevant stakeholders can be a tedious and nerve-wracking task. Easyprove, a Lithuania-based startup, is developing an online platform that could potentially make the process a whole lot smoother, efficient and carefree.

    Easyprove is a web-based service that provides a central hub for all your document approvals. You simply select the document you wish to send for approval, invite the relevant reviewers through email and set up a deadline. You can then track and manage the approval process through an online dashboard or an iPhone application.

    The platform allows you to receive comments and to revise documents based on the feedback you receive. Easyprove sends automatic reminders to document reviewers and updates you on all the received comments, approvals and declines in real-time. Each activity is time-stamped and logged for accountability purposes.

    The service currently supports Google Apps and Dropbox integration but it can also be integrated with other document management, file sharing and CRM systems through Easyprove’s API.

    Easyprove was launched in April 2011. You can try the beta version of the service for free at www.easyprove.com.