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Duunitori (“job-market square” in English) is a service by the Finland based Skyhood. It’s a recruiting service with a few interesting twists and it has gone head on with the traditional household names in the market. However, the most interesting aspect of the service perhaps is that in all quietness, it has become the largest job listing service in Finland, according to Thomas Grönholm, co-founder of Skyhood.

“The traditional recruiting services seem to be stuck in the 90s, cashing in on their properties”, says Thomas Grönholm. With little analysis, you could easily say so. Leaving a open position on Monster in Finland costs the employer 600€ where as Oikotie, another popular recruiting service owned by Sanoma invoices 690€ for the same application.

The service is built by Skyhood, a small web agency based in Helsinki. Currently there are no commercial features in Duunitori which would pay for the bills. According to Thomas Grönholm, they will however introduce some during this year. Despite the introduction of premium services in the future, the basic job postings will be free in the future as well.

One of the reasons, on top of simply being the largest recruiting service, Duunitori attracted more than 50 000 visits in its first three months, is its different approach to listing jobs. Instead of simply showing a regular database “firehose”, Duunitori takes advantage of Google Maps. Job seekers are able to find work based on location and industries and a few other filters.

The UI together with a new business model are very small improvements overall, but they seem to be pushing Monster and Oikotie behind them with these already. During 2011 Skyhood will bring to Duunitori additional ways to facilitate communication between job seekers and employers, help filter out the right applicants for you as well as take advantage of social networking sites in finding the right people.

While the UI isn’t all that functional for my liking yet, you have to ask yourself “why haven’t we seen something like this before?” I for one welcome the story of a startup coming to shake a traditional market where gorillas still roam with their high prices.

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