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Dublin Web Summit just around the corner: Here's what you need to know

You’ve seen the ads on Facebook. You’ve heard the buzz from startup friends who’ve been there before. And with Dublin Web Summit right around the corner, here’s everything you need to know to finally pull the trigger and get over to Ireland between November 4th and 6th. As an added bonus we’ve got two tickets to raffle away, so read through the article to find out more.

As you’ve surely recognized, Dublin Web Summit has grown massively over the past few years, with this November’s Web Summit expected to pull in 20,000 attendees, over 400 speakers, and 2,000 startups exhibiting from all over the world. From a startup perspective this means you’ve got a the largest dealflow in Europe for potential investors, customers, partners, acquirers, and press to meet.

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At their scale, The Summit is able to pull in some of the most respected tech minds in the world including names like Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal; Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon; Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus Rift; and Anna Patterson, VP of Engineering at Google. That’s just who I’m interested in seeing without even really scrolling down their ever-growing list of speakers you should check out.

It can sound overwhelming, and it is (in a good way) but The Dublin Web Summit has managed to break down the event into smaller simultaneous summits to provide value to your focus, while still giving you the knock-on benefits of a large event. So if the future of marketing is interesting to you, you’ve got the Marketing Summit to pop over to. IoT and connected devices more of your thing? Then head over to the Machine Summit. Additionally there’s the Builders Summit, Enterprise Summit, and Investor Summit for you to look into.

And if you want to stay few days longer in Ireland, definitely apply quickly to the Surf Summit where 200 entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and professional surfers are traveling to a secret location in the West of Ireland for two nights and three days of surfing, kite-surfing, cycling, eating, drinking, attempting to break a World Record. Or actually don’t – because I just applied and I want the application list to be as short as possible.

The friendly folks behind the Web Summit have given us two tickets to give away, so tell us in the comments what speaker you’re most interested in seeing and your work address and we’ll randomly select two people to give tickets to at 9am tomorrow.

But don’t leave that up to chance. With flights still cheap and plenty of hotel information on their homepage, get yourself a ticket now before prices increase in less than 10 hours.

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