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Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian holding company that owns shares in various web properties, is looking at Twitter with a possible investment in mind, according to SFGate. Digital Sky Technologies, or DST, previously spun off Mail.ru from it’s holdings into a company of its own and sold 17% of the company at a valuation well above 5 billion USD.

The SFGate article states that sources close to the DST CEO say that he has been interested in investing into Twitter for a while. DST is one of the most famous holding companies around as it has shares in Facebook, Zynga as well as Groupon into which it invested $135M at a $1B valuation in April.

It remains to be seen if DST wants and is able to pull this through. The company is known to invest great amounts of money into well developed growth companies. All of its investments can be said to be making serious money in the hundreds of millions of greenbacks.

Image by Matt Hamm