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Droids… Droids Everywhere!

Sales, sales, sales… Did I mention Sales?

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No one likes to sit and go through Google Analytics unless you are into tedious and prolonged work, which by all means is fine if you enjoy it. However, if you are one of those people who likes to spend as less time as possible on daily routines – let us introduce you to LeaDroid.

LeaDroid aims to pack all the data gathered during the day and present it to you in a readable format with only the info that interests you. The selling point is the automation of the process. Setup once and forget about it – LeaDroid will do its magic for you.

Revolutionary part of LeaDroid is that it is able to detect companies that visit your website. It tries to detect what have they looked for on the website as well as any traces of other information that may have left.

“To prevent unnecessary clutter, our algorithms detect behavior patterns that relate to pre-purchase or comparison phases of the decision-making process. In a nutshell, we dig out hot leads from your web analytics that you’d otherwise miss. Our installation process takes less than 10 seconds from the moment you have an epiphany on how cool this is to the moment you’re actually in the system looking at your own data,” describes Joona Heino, the CEO of LeaDroid.

LeaDroid primarily targets their service for SMEs operating on B2B-sector – and they want to offer something that has traditionally been available only for huge companies that have paid thousands of euros a month for the pleasure.

“The market is young and unsaturated and most of our competitors tend to target large corporations – We’re here for the average small business owner that wants to drive growth and take better advantage of existing data. Traditional big players are also in the market, but with a completely different strategy, so we don’t really need to worry about them,” Heino continues and says he is confident about their company’s growth only a after month after they officially founded LeaDroid:

“We’ve been having double-digit weekly growth so far since we started sales, so naturally we’re hoping to keep up the pace for as long as we can. The market seems to be responding quite well and our clients tend to be happy with the service, so we’re in a great position for a startup this young.”

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