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Dramatify gets recognition at MIPTV

Getting behind the scenes of the television industry, Cannes’ MIPTV is one of the largest television fairs where thousands of TV shows and formats are bought and sold over the course of a few days. A few years ago they started MIPLabs to help meet the innovation needs for the industry, and within it launched a startup pitching competition. It’s been about a year since we last covered Swedish startup Dramatify, so this spotlight is as good of an excuse as any to mention they’ve selected as the only Nordic startup presenting in the competition.

Dramatify describes itself as a mobile, social and cloud-based SaaS service for TV and film production, which is a jargonistic (but accurate) way to say that they’ve built a collaboration tool designed specifically for the hectic moving parts in the movie and TV industry. There’s plenty of room for innovation – the industry still relies on heavy printed call sheets and scripts, which is not only a waste of trees, but also an inefficient way to organize people.

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The last time we spoke to Dramatify they had just moved into beta, but were already seeing success in their cross-platform mindset. Cofounder Annika Lidne explained, “We encompass the entire team, from executive producer to drivers and caterers on any device, including Blackberry and Windows Phone. This is important in markets like Latin America, South Africa and Eastern Europe.”

The other finalists in the MIPLabs competition include Relevancy Data (UK) Rights Trade (USA), Wildmoka (France) and Wildseed Studios (UK).

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