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Dragdis Prevails in Login Pitching Competition & Announces Mobile App Launch

Staying and keeping things organized is hard work. So hard, in fact, that quite a number of people make of it a profession for themselves. Just think of all the accountants, secretaries and say, scientists! They all need to have neatly constructed access to information by as easy means as possible.

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Dragdis is a cloud-based bookmarking tool/app from Lithuania that makes organizing stuff online much quicker and simpler than going through the usual filesaving processes, which require numerous repetitive clicks and perhaps most of all, an existing and (hopefully) organized set of folders on your computer. It’s like a more browser integrated version of Helsinki-founded Kippt.

The past year has been a steady flow of newsworthy accomplishments for Dragdis; a year ago they won the Login awards for Best Product/Service Website and by next September the team got a €200,000 seed funding from Practica Capital. The following February 2014 marked yet another award (Technology of the Year Award at the Lithuanian Tech Startups Awards hosted by Enterprise Lithuania) but more importantly, the app reached 17k users in their closed beta.

Two months later (or in other words, this month), Dragdis has grabbed itself yet another prize; the 1st place at the Login Startup Pitch Challenge.

The company confirms today more than 34,000 users, which is, by using simple mathematics, exactly twice the amount they had last February. In terms more specific statistics, this means more than 1 million drag & drop actions made through the app.

If you’re familiar with Dragdis, you’ll know how and why you use it, but in case you ask yourself, what kind of people seriously have a need for it, here’s a few examples Dragdis was kind enough to share with us:

-Bloggers/ Journalists marking down sources for posts/articles (that’s us by the way)

-Advertising agencies creating mood boards for clients, sharing their ideas internally

-Students doing research for their Thesis, sharing with fellow students

-Project Managers gathering info on a particular project

-Nerds collecting GIFs  like the entire 9Gag

Dragdis intends to become the ultimate online solution to move content around, which is why integrations will be their next step when it comes to product development. First on the list will be Tumblr.

Last but not least, Dragdis has promised a mobile version of their app to be out in a few weeks, so be on the lookout for that!

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Raf is a tall, lanky Finn wandering in the UK academic landscapes. With an MA in Psychology (University of Aberdeen) he's taken his penchant for brain studies a step further by embarking on a MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. Long-time lurker and contributor at AS, always hungry for fresh story leads in Tech/Espionage/the Absurd.

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