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Saturday, June 25, 2022

DoReMIR secure new $1m funding round

Swedish outfit DoReMIR seem to like keeping the description of what they do quite vague by saying they develop “music intelligence technology”, now intelligent technology immediately gets me thinking of Skynet but intelligent music? I imagine that’s going to lead to ‘The Sound of Music’ suddenly turning and launching an attack on our hearing. Then there’s the boast that they “enables users to more easily than ever before capture and digitize their musical creativity”, now that just sounds like they enable recording onto a digital 8-track or similar, how would you make that easier?

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Well it turns out what they actually do is pretty cool, and interesting enough that they’ve just raised $1 million to do more of it.

DoReMIR’s tech is based on 20 years of research in music cognition by Professor Sven Ahlbäck from the Royal College of Music which has primarily led to the creation of an app called ScoreCleaner Notes. What this app does is allow someone to sing or play music to their iOS device and it will turn your sounds into musical notation. That’s actually a really useful and great thing for all those musicians with great creativity but not a lot of education in music theory. It’s received recognition too winning the Golden Lion in Cannes back in June for best app in the Music and Entertainment category.

To get the most out of the functionality though you’ll also need to buy the ScoreCleaner program available for all Windows platforms from XP to 8, which will enable you to edit the musical scores created through your phone further. Why the app is only on Apple’s devices and the desktop program only on Microsoft’s I’m not sure, but hey, everyone’s got their little idiosyncrasies right?

Anyway it seems like I’m not the only one impressed with the app and the tech behind ScoreCleaner. One of the lead investors in this new round of funding is Jari Ovaskainen, elected “Investor of the Year in Finland” and an early investor in Supercell who I’m sure you’re all nearly sick of hearing about now, and the Swedish VC fund Almi Invest.

The funding will allow the company to develop more products, that they say will be coming soon, work on that musical intelligence platform even more and commercialize their tech through partners. I for one will now start singing in the shower more often, don’t try and visualise that, and who knows perhaps I’ll get lucky and come up with the next big one hit wonder.

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