Dopplr and Cubic Telecom Partner to Offer Cheaper Roaming

    dopplr logo

    Dopplr, a Finnish online travel service (previous coverage) has launched cooperation with Irish Cubic Telecom to offer Cubic’s MAXroam mobile roaming product with Dopplr branding for travelers.

    cubic telecom logoThe Dopplr Frequent Travel SIM card is available in both Dopplr’s and MAXroam online shops (although Dopplr’s shop just links to the latter).  It is promised to work in 170 countries on 450 mobile networks. According to Cubic Telecom’s CEO Pat Phelan with MaxRoam’s SIM card one can save at minimum 70% on mobile travel bills.

    Dopplr allows making of travel plans and sharing them with friends to highlight overlapping visits of same cities at the same time. Cubic Telecom offers a variety of mobile network services starting from infrastructure backend. Dopplr has also some other travel products available in its shop, for example Offbeat travel guides. A somewhat limited offering still, but likely growing quickly.