Don’t Stay Hungry! Arctic15 Food Street At Your Service.

As you probably already know, at Arctic15 we take pride in our catering services, designed to keep your energy levels to the max, so you can concentrate on getting the most out of the conference. Start here by feasting with your eyes and mind, and prepare yourself for a symphony of aromas and flavours at the event. All the food services are included in your ticket, no need to dig out your wallet to pay. Just grab and eat!


This year in our FoodTech track we’ll be showcasing couple of local startups, like Gold & Green, Epic Foods and Foodiac. So we thought that why not also offer you an opportunity to experience their products first hand, at the Arctic15 Food Street. Oh, and we’ll have a Chicken Wings Bar.. And Finnish Whipped Porridge.


First things first. We know that you are looking for it. Desperate to get some. Quickly. More of it. Coffee. Yes! Microsoft Flux, a cool new community space in Helsinki, is our partner to satisfy your caffeine fix this year. Microsoft Flux Cafe will be serving all the coffee you need. And what a coffee it will be! All organic Warrior Coffee! Warrior Coffee is a company with unconditional love towards high quality coffee culture and high performance life. All their coffees are roasted by hand, so that their master roaster can use his tender nose to bring out the very best qualities of the coffee. High quality Warrior Coffee boosts energy levels and brain activity. Read this post about coffee advantages and disadvantages. So whenever you are in need of some high quality organic coffee, head to Microsoft Flux Cafe. You cannot miss it.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the keys to success of managing long conference days. This year we have stepped it up from plain water and partnered with Vitamin Well to bring your stamina and nutritional balance to the next level. Vitamin Well has been bringing smart and delicious beverages to the market since 2006. It started after the founders were missing modern, healthier and tasty alternative to sodas and sugary juices, so they created a drink they wanted to drink themselves. Today, ten years and several international market introductions later, the success of the Swedish vitamin drink is a fact. Since December 2014 world famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović has been acting as the ambassador for the brand. Vitamin Well launched Zlatan’s own signature vitamin beverage,Vitamin Well Upgrade, with a fresh taste of lemon and cactus. So when you feel like upgrading yourself, head to Vitamin Well stand to grab a drink! And even better, you can compete there to win a year’s supply* of drinks to your office! (* max 500 bottles).

Are you getting hungry already? Guaranteed that you will after reading the below.


Start your day right, get your energy levels up for some hardcore networking. Breakfast will be served on both days from 8:30 until 10:30

Breakfast sandwich selection – various fillings to choose from

Fresh smoothies – two different flavours every morning, made from berries and fruits


Arctic15 Food Street lunch will be served on both days from 11:00 until 15:00. It means that you do not have to rush, and you have the freedom to choose when it is most suitable time for you to eat. So whenever you feel like eating, head towards the Food Street.

Finnish FoodTech startup Foodiac brings us delicious menu by chef Markus Nikko, a former Finnish National Cooking team member and a very passionate food enthusiast. You can book Markus to come to cook for you via Foodiac.

Day 1
Grilled chicken, self made Satay sauce and ”Asianslaw”
Grilled pork cheek, teriyaki-sesame dressing, green salads, sprouts and champagne vinaigrette
Grilled tempeh, soybean cassoulet and tabbouleh (couscous, red onion, fresh herbs, raisin, caper..)
Carrot cake, mascarpone mousse, salty caramel sauce and raspberry

Day 2
Grilled Merquez & Chorizo, spring potato salad, lemon and aragula
Fennel butter flavoured Finnish fish (catch of the day), quinoa and chive aioli
Home-made Falafels, avocado, green salads, sprouts and shallot vinaigrette
White Chocolate pudding, fresh strawberries and rhubarb
Another Finnish startup Epic Foods offers us a very unique chance to be one of the first people in the whole world to experience “pulled oats” by Gold & Green, the new sensation in the meat replacement technology world. But as the availability of pulled oats is still very scarce, we will have only limited amount of the portions available and they will be arriving to the venue in small batches straight from Epic Foods kitchen. So be sure to check out the Epic Foods table at Food Street and try to grab yours.

Day 1
Gold & Green Lemongrass Bowl
– Thai marinated pulled oats with Thai vinaigrette noodles, pickled carrots, napa cabbage & pomegranate seeds.

Harissa Salmon Bowl
– Broiled salmon with grilled harissa vegetables & fresh quinoa tabbouleh.

Day 2
Pulled oat Lebanese
– Lebanese caesar salad with marinated pulled oats, tortilla chips & Epic’s parmesan dressing.

Pimentón Chicken Bowl
– Crispy pimentón seasoned chicken with tandoori bulgur, feta cheese, fresh watermelon & herbs.

And to make sure that there are enough choices for you to choose from, we will also have

Day 1
Cold-smoked elk soup (<– this is really good, actually the only dish to make a comeback from last year)
Blueberry curd

Day 2
Rich tomato-basil soup
Finnish whipped porridge (yes! It is the traditional Vispipuuro!)

Last but definitely not the least, for Chicken Wings lovers – we have something special. A wings bar where you can go and grab chicken wings and dip them to mild or spicy Texas Pete sauce. We’ll get to experience SiipiKings, a brand new concept from Atria, Fort Deli and Valio.

Dig it? See you at Arctic15 Food Street! Don’t Stay Hungry!